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On what basis are the payments collected?

The users of music, such as radio and television broadcasters, owners of shops, restaurants, hotels, clubs, service points, beauty parlors, make the payments on the basis of signed agreements.

How are the agreements signed?

Agents representing ZPAV operate in all regions of Poland. They are authorized to conclude relevant agreements with the users of music. Every day they check whether music is played legally in businesses such as shops, pubs, bars, hair salons, hotels, clubs, etc. and prepare contractual terms for each client individually. Each agreement includes a detailed description of how and where music is used as well as specifies the amount of due remuneration and terms of payment. Once the payment is registered on the ZPAV account, the user will receive relevant financial documents.

What happens with the collected royalties?

The funds collected by ZPAV from the users of music are distributed among the holders of rights to phonograms and videograms, in proportion to how their repertoire is used.

Further to the requirements of the Copyright and Related Rights Law of February 4, 1994, regarding collecting societies’ reporting, each year ZPAV submits relevant information to the Minister of Culture and National Heritage.

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