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Licenses and fees / Re-broadcast

ZPAV :: Commercial use of miusic - Licenses and fees - Re-broadcast

Pursuant to Article 6 paragraph 5 in conjunction with Article 101 of the Law on Copyright and Related Rights of February 4, 1994, the re-broadcast of a phonogram or videogram is its dissemination by an operator other than the original broadcaster in the form of taking over the entire and unchanged programme of a radio or television broadcasting organization and transmitting it for general reception simultaneously and integrally.

Pursuant to Article 94 paragraph 5 of this law, in the event of the re-broadcast of a phonogram which had been introduced into circulation, the producer has the right to a proper remuneration. Therefore, the operators of cable TV, telecom networks and digital platforms, who render such services as the re-broadcast of radio and television programs, are required to conclude a relevant agreement with ZPAV, specifying the amount and terms of payment of the remuneration for the re-broadcast of phonograms and/or music videograms.

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