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ZPAV :: Commercial use of miusic - Licenses and fees - Copying

Generally ZPAV does not license the copying of recordings for the purpose of being released. Such agreements are usually signed directly with the individual producers. When it comes to copying agreements signed by ZPAV with users, these include agreements with DJs and agreements on digital copying of phonograms and music videograms from copies legally introduced into the market (CDs or purchased mp3 tracks) onto a digital carrier, for its playback by users in places covered by a general agreement signed with ZPAV with regard to the public performance of music.

ZPAV - Licencja DJ

DJ License

In order to meet the many requests submitted by DJs to enable the legal performance of music from the computer’s hard drive or flash drive in clubs, ZAiKS, STOART and ZPAV prepared jointly a service through which DJs may sign agreements with each of these organizations to use the copied tracks legally.

The service operates on „one-stop-shop” basis: once you register, the system generates automatically one agreement. When you sign it and make the payment (only one), you become immediately authorized by the three rightholders to copy the original music carriers onto digital carriers, such as the computer, hard drive, laptop, flash drive, CD etc. as well as to perform music from these made copies without the need to have the original carriers on hand during that performance.

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